Welcome to the world of nature and freshness

Here in XO Farm Stay Resort, you will experience the wonderful gift of nature from a tropical country like Malaysia, a holiday paradise… With a wide range of sweet, juicy and thirst quenching fruits to enjoy, you will find your stay with us, is never long enough.

And get to know the various farm animals that are your neighbors here, its like a mini zoo.  There’s so much to see and learn about them!  Bring your children along, let them enjoy an outdoor tutorial!

For the adventurist

Take a trip to the elephant sanctuary at Kuala Gandah. Get up-close-and-personal with the biggest mammal on land.  Splash with them in the river. You will never forget the experience! To complement the hot sunny weather in Malaysia, take along your picnic basket from the chalet and enjoy the refreshing flow of river.

It’s cool and clear water will absolutely return back your vigorousity, lift your spirit and refresh your mind… And how about challenging your angling skill? or race the duck for a fish in the pond. Have it barbecued or prepared Asian style for your dinner.

Or Relax…

If you decide not to do anything, just laze around enjoying our tropical sunny day, enveloped by the fresh sweet smelling air in this green haven. Watch the duck swimming in the pond, beautiful lilies blooming majestically and lulled by the birds love song.